Remote part-time protein NMR specialist & two PhD positions in AI|ffinity

Dear NMR Community,

We are excited to announce career opportunities at AI|ffinity, a startup founded in late 2021 as a spin-off from Masaryk University and supported by CEITEC in Brno, Czech Republic. We specialize in leveraging NMR, AI, and Cheminformatics to innovate in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. With headquarters in Brno and premises in Prague, we are developing an integrated NMR-AI platform with applications in drug discovery and protein engineering. Learn more at

Open Position: Part-time Protein NMR Specialist (Remote)
We are looking for a part-time Protein NMR Specialist (suitable for a postdoc or late-stage Ph.D. student) to join our team remotely. Key responsibilities include:
1. Analyzing protein NMR spectra, primarily from 4D experiments.
2. Implementing advanced NMR techniques for characterizing transient interactions and conformational dynamics of intrinsically disordered proteins in complex with small molecules, including the use of 5D NMR experiments and relaxation dispersion NMR methods to capture and analyze fast-exchanging states and weakly bound complexes.
3. Contributing to the development of new software for automatic chemical shift assignment (CSA) and protein structure determination. For a sneak peek at this technology, watch our video at YouTube:
4. Assisting in establishing a protein 3D structure modeling pipeline using our CSA software, OpenFold, and Rosetta.

For detailed information and application, please visit our LinkedIn Job Posting.

Open Positions: Ph.D. Students in Prague and Olomouc
We also invite applications for two Ph.D. student positions, one in Prague and one in Olomouc. The focus is on merging 1D NMR screening data with Cheminformatics and AI to create innovative tools for in-silico drug design. These roles will be crucial in our ongoing drug discovery and protein engineering projects.

For more details and to apply, check out these LinkedIn Job Postings.

We look forward to welcoming innovative minds to our team.

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Thomas Evangelidis
AI|ffinity Team



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