Prizes: Paul Callaghan Lecture

The Callaghan Lecture honors the many contributions to magnetic resonance, to ISMAR, and to the scientific community by Sir Paul T. Callaghan. Paul's research focused primarily on techniques for studying translational diffusion and fluid dynamics, with applications to porous media and polymeric materials. He wrote influential textbooks on "Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microscopy" and "Translational Dynamics and Magnetic Resonance: Principles of Pulsed Gradient Spin Echo NMR".

He was a prominent educator and spokesperson for science. In addition, Paul served as President of ISMAR, was a Fellow of the Royal Society, and was selected as "New Zealander of the Year" in 2011. Callaghan Lectures are given at biennial ISMAR conferences. The Lectures are sponsored by Magritek, a company that was founded by Sir Paul T. Callaghan.

Paul Callaghan Lecturers (since 2013)

2023 – Sonji Han

Callaghan Lecturer 2023

2021 – Matthew S. Rosen

Callaghan Lecturer 2021

2019 – Malcolm Levitt

Callaghan Lecturer 2019

2017 – Jeffrey A. Reimer

Callaghan Lecturer 2017

2015 – Bernhard Blümich

Callaghan Lecturer 2015

2013 – Lucio Frydman

Callaghan Lecturer 2013