PhD position on ex situ/in situ NMR and MRI of food extrudates

Dear colleagues,
a 4-years PhD position is currently available in my NMR/MRI group at the
Laboratory of Biophysics of Wageningen University in The Netherlands, in
collaboration with the Food Quality and Design group. The research targets the
application and development of low-to-ultra-high field NMR/MRI methods for
characterizing, both ex situ and in situ, anisotropic structure in high-
moisture extrudates for novel food ingredients.
Further details about the position are available at:
Kind regards,
Camilla Terenzi
Dr. Camilla Terenzi
Assistant Professor in NMR/MRI applied to Soft Matter and Food Science
Laboratory of Biophysics, Helix Building
Wageningen University and Research
Stippeneng 4 6708 WE
Wageningen, The Netherlands