Postdoc position available in Leicester, UK

Dear all,

A 2-year postdoc position is avalaible in y lab at the University of Leicester, UK (starting date is flexible).
This is part of a large European programme ( meaning that the candidate must not be UK citizen (or have worked in the UK for more than a year in the last 3 years).
The project will study the RNA binding properties of the RGG/RG rich regions of Sam68 following phosphorylation and arginine methylation using a combination of NMR, sm-FRET, SAXS and MD (more details at
The application portal is here:

If you are interested, please contact me for more details on the application procedure.
Thank you’d best wishes,

Prof. Cyril Dominguez
Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology
Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Leicester
Henry Wellcome Building
Lancaster Road