Post Doctoral Position to Study In-Vivo Protein Folding

Post-Doctoral Position to Study In-Vivo Protein Folding

School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton


We are looking for a motivated Post-Doctoral Research Fellow to work with Amrit Mudher and Phil Williamson developing methods to investigate how the cellular milieu influences the folding, structure and function of large molecular complexes including amyloid fibre structure and integral membrane proteins. This Leverhulme Trust funded project will combine the powerful genetic tractability of Drosophila melanogaster with the molecular resolving power of modern sensitive solid-state NMR experiments to report on the structure, dynamics, and function of these assemblies in-vivo.


The project will build on preliminary studies that have demonstrated that modern proton detected ultra-high field solid-state NMR methods can provide the necessary resolution and sensitivity to study the structure and dynamics of large molecular complexes in-situ in the model organism Drosophila melanogaster. The project seeks to establish workflow that will enable the induced expression and labelling of macromolecular complexes and a range of NMR methodologies that permit the characterization of their structure and dynamics as well as interactions with other cellular components.


Ideally applicants should possess a PhD in biochemistry (or related discipline) and ideally experience in either Drosophila research and/or solid-state NMR. The position will be based in the School of Biological Sciences, which provides state of the art facilities for invertebrate research and solid-state NMR research (both locally and through the UK National Research Facility). To discuss the position informally, please don’t hesitate to contact Prof Amrit Mudher ( or Prof Phil Williamson (


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