12 Phd fellowships available through the ArchiFun-MSCA project

Dear all,

The ArchiFun project is an international doctoral program, that specially focuses on the relationships between structure, function and dynamics at all levels, from the atoms up to cells, organisms and ecosystems. ArchiFun research topics are related to Horizon Europe’s Destination 5: "Unlocking the full potential of new tools, technologies and digital solutions for a healthy society”.
Among the 12 PhD fellowships available, four of them makes use of NMR:

1. Structural and functional investigation of a molecular regulator involved in bacterial silver resistance using NMR
Location: Lyon (FRANCE)

2. Structural and functional characterization of the disease-linked inner mitochondrial membrane protein MPV17
Location: Munich (Germany)

3. Molecular insights into the misfolding pathways of antibody light chain proteins
Location: Munich (Germany)

4. Structure, interactions and dynamics of an RBM17 complex linked to alternative splicing regulation
Location: Munich (Germany)

The ensemble of detailed proposals is available here:


How to apply:






Olivier WALKER, Ph.D.
Biophysics of complex systems
Institut des Sciences Analytiques
UMR5280-Université Lyon1
69100 Villeurbanne, France
Phone : +33 4 37 42 35 45
mailto: olivier.walker@univ-lyon1.fr