PhD Opportunity: in-cell NMR at CERM/CIRMMP, Florence, Italy

Interested in studying macromolecular structure, dynamics and interactions in biologically relevant environments? Our group develops and applies in-cell NMR methodologies to study protein folding/misfolding, maturation, and ligand interactions in living human cells. A flow NMR bioreactor enables real-time probing of ligands as they bind to their intracellular target, offering exciting new applications in drug screening.
A call for 3-year PhD scholarships within the International Doctorate in Structural Biology at CERM/CIRMMP, at the University of Florence, Italy, will soon be out.
Other research areas at CERM/CIRMMP include, but are not limited to, protein structural characterization, intrinsically disordered proteins, cellular metabolomics and drug development.
If you are interested in the application of NMR to living cells, contact me!

Enrico Luchinat, PhD