5 year fellowship in Materials Science at Durham University

Dear colleagues,

The Durham Chemistry department is advertising a 5 year (fixed term) research fellowship in Materials Science:

Job Description - Assistant Professor (Research): Research Fellowship in Materials Science (24000548) (taleo.net)

This fellowship would suit researchers towards the start of their independent research careers, providing an extended period in which to develop an independent research career.

The department has excellent facilities for materials characterisation: diffraction, XAS, and, of course, solid-state NMR. Assuming that the re-energising of our wide-bore 500 goes to plan, we will have 3 solid-state spectrometers, and sufficient capacity to welcome researchers requiring solid-state NMR facilities.

Paul Hodgkinson

Karen E. Johnston

Survey of NMR literature in 2022: Specialist Periodical Report on NMR, volume 49

Recent review on NMR crystallography of molecular organics

Software tools for NMR crystallography: see CCP-NC and join its mailing list.

Introductory text on solid-state NMR: Solid-State NMR: Basic Principles and Practice

Solid-state NMR methodology: Modern Methods in Solid-State NMR: A Practitioner’s Guide