Postdoctoral position: Biophysical studies of membrane protein complexes

The Thompson lab at UMass Amherst seeks a motivated Postdoctoral Associate to join an NIH-funded project investigating structure and mechanism of a membrane-bound signaling complex. Bacterial chemotaxis proteins form remarkable arrays in the cell that enable bacteria to sense the environment and direct their swimming, and are thus potential targets for novel antibiotics. Our group assembles native-like, functional complexes of these proteins and applies a synergistic combination of biophysical methods to measure differences between signaling states and determine what changes propagate the signal and control the activity of the kinase. Our solid-state NMR and hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry studies of these complexes have revealed that the receptor has highly dynamic and partially disordered elements, and that signaling involves stabilization of the receptor and of the catalytic domain of the kinase. We are taking advantage of the dynamic properties of the receptor to focus our NMR experiments on the protein interfaces in these complexes, and detect how these interfaces change to propagate the signal. We seek a talented postdoc who is enthusiastic about combining biochemical and biophysical approaches for mechanistic studies of membrane proteins and protein complexes. We are especially interested in candidates with experience in protein expression and purification, biophysical methods, and protein NMR.

Our lab is part of an interactive community of research groups working at the interface of chemistry and biology. UMass Amherst is located along with 4 other colleges in the scenic Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, centrally located less than an hour from Vermont, 2 hours from Boston, and 3 hours from New York.

Interested applicants should send a CV and cover letter to Lynmarie Thompson,

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