PhD and Postdoc Positions on Methods in Solid-State NMR and DNP @ ETH Zurich

Dear Colleagues,
I have a PhD and a postdoc position open in my group at ETH Zürich.
Details for the PhD position can be found at:
while details for the Postdoc psoition are at:
The PhD position is about pulse sequence optimization in solid-state NMR under MAS
based on effective Hamiltonians using Continuous Floquet theory. It requires interest
in theory, computer simulations as well as experimental implementation of complex
pulse sequences under imperfect experimental conditions.
The Postdoc position is about pulse sequence optimization in solid-state NMR under
MAS and under static DNP conditions. The work will focus more on the theoretical and
computational side to implement such optimizations in a numerically efficient and
general way. This work is intended to be done in close collaboration with PhD students
working more on the the applied side of the project.
For application details, see the official advertizement in the links above. For questions
about the positions, please email me.
Best regards,
Matthias Ernst
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