1-year Research grant @ Bologna University, Italy – in collaboration with Florence in-cell NMR group

Research grant @ DISTAL, Cesena, Bologna University, Italy

One-year research fellowship: “Monitoring enzymatic reactions and biological processes by time-resolved nuclear magnetic resonance”

This research grant is part of the “Time-resolved magnetic resonance to investigate dynamic events in biological systems and biotransformations (TiReD)” PRIN project, funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU, in collaboration with CERM and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence (Dr. Enrico Ravera) and the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Naples Federico II (Dr. Nunzia Iaccarino).
The grantee will develop in-cell NMR methods to monitor enzymatic reactions and biological processes in living cells by time-resolved nuclear magnetic resonance. The research activities will mainly take place in the NMR group in Cesena, led by Prof. Francesco Capozzi, and at CERM (www.cerm.unifi.it), in close collaboration with Enrico Luchinat and the Florence in-cell NMR group.

The ideal candidate holds a degree in chemistry, physics or biophysics, biotechnology, agri-food science and technology, medicinal science, or related areas. A PhD title (or near to obtaining it) and/or previous research experience in the same areas are a plus, but not mandatory.

For further information, please contact Enrico Luchinat (eluchinat@cerm.unifi.it)

We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Enrico Luchinat, Ph.D.

CERM, University of Florence, Italy