Research Technologist OR Research Specialist; Frueh Lab Johns Hopkins

The Frueh Lab is hiring a Research Technologist or a Research Specialist (one position) at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry in Baltimore, MD. You will have the opportunity to work with us to understand how to reprogram enzymes to design novel antibiotics. The job includes routine production of purified protein samples and using a combination of exciting biophysical techniques, notably advanced NMR methods, to determine molecular mechanisms. If you want to have fun with us solving challenging problems, please apply using the following links:

Research Technologist (Bachelor)




Research Specialist (+one year relevant expertise and/or Master)





Dominique Frueh

Associate Professor

Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry

Hunterian 701

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Baltimore, MD, 21212


Phone: 410-614-4719