Ph.D. position in solution-state NMR in Nantes, France

A Ph.D. position is available in the NMR team of the CEISAM laboratory in
Nantes, France.
The Ph.D. student will join an ANR-funded project, and be supervised by Jean-
Nicolas Dumez and Aurélie Bernard at CEISAM, and Nicolas Blanchard from the
LIMA lab. The project aims at developing methods for the online/in-line
monitoring of chemical reactions by flow NMR, and applying these methods to
investigate organic chemical reactions. The project will build on the team’s
experience with the development of flow NMR method for the analysis of
The Ph.D. student will in particular:
. Develop NMR methods that yield all or parts of the spectrum of compounds of
interest, directly from a reaction mixture
. Integrate these methods in setups for online monitoring by flow NMR,
. Apply these methods, through collaborations, to the flow monitoring of
chemical reactions in batch and flow
Applicants should have a background in chemistry (preferentially analytical or
physical) or physics, and a strong interest in both fundamental and applied
aspects of magnetic resonance.
The NMR team of the CEISAM lab works on method developments in solution-state
NMR and their application to the analysis of mixtures. It is equipped with
state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers, in the 400 to 700 MHz range, a flow NMR
system and a polariser for dissolution-DNP. CEISAM is the molecular chemistry
lab of the Université de Nantes, where research includes physical and
analytical chemistry, organic synthesis and catalysis, and chemical biology.
The lab is located in the vibrant city of Nantes, close to the Atlantic Coast
of south Brittany.
The position is for 3 years
Please send applications including CV cover letter and the name of two
referees to Jean-Nicolas Dumez ( before 31st
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DOI : 10.1039/D2CC05053F
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