FAPESP TT-V scholarship in Brazil

"Agência FAPESP – Project EMU 2022/11588-8 “Special Programs / PAIP - Infrastructure Support Program - EMU - Scientific (process 2022/11588-8)” has one (1) position for Technical Training – level 5, with a full time FAPESP scholarship (40 hours per week). The activities will be developed in the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) group of the Chemistry Department of the Federal University of São Carlos, São Carlos-SP, Brazil, under supervision of Profs. Drs. Antonio Gilberto Ferreira and Tiago Venâncio.

The selected candidate will have a full-time FAPESP TT-V scholarship (40 hours per week) in the current value of R$ 9,046.80 (~US$ 1,800.00) per month for a period of up to two (2) years and the application can be done until March 24th, 2024.

For more details, please contact: giba@ufscar.br or venancio@ufscar.br"