Postdoctoral Position at Rennes, France

We seek a postdoctoral candidate to participate in a collaborative project using MRI at 11.7T (Bruker). The engineer will conduct research on an NMR spectrometer equipped with a micro-imaging probe:

- for the in vitro and in vivo study of animal models such as Zebrafish, complex cellular systems (organoids, 3D cultures) or for the ex vivo study of fresh or fixed tissues

- for the study of bio-sourced gels based on polysaccharides (starch, arabinoxylans) or protein (corn zein) in order to conceive biopolymer matrices with controlled functionalities allowing, for example, the liberation of active molecules initially contained in these matrices.


A Ph.D. or equivalent in chemistry or physics or image/signal processing or biological and medical engineering, or related disciplines, is required. Desirable skill sets include familiarity with modern high-field NMR and MRI, principally micro-imaging.


The candidate will integrate the PRISM platform (, particularly the Bio-SCANs department on the Rennes University Villejean site (FRANCE), with strong interaction with the Agro-SCANs department in UR OPAALE, INRAE ( To apply, or for additional information, send an email to :


Pierre-Antoine Eliat :

Corinne Rondeau-Mouro :