Postdoctoral opportunities at CERM, University of Florence, Italy

Research fellows @ CERM, University of Florence
We are looking for two research fellows to work on two new projects
funded by the Italian Ministry of Research.
The first project addresses liquid condensate. The candidate's research
will concentrate on the structural underpinnings of protein-protein
interactions that form at the front of moving tumour cells, with the
goal of developing techniques to prevent breast cancer cells from
infiltrating healthy tissue.
The second project will investigate the disordered areas of proteins
involved in pre-mRNA splicing. The research comprises the collaborative
use of NMR, SAXS, and MD simulations to obtain insight into the splicing
mechanism and address the druggability of intrinsically disordered
We offer unique access to first-class instrumentation for structural
biology. At the Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM) of the University of
Florence, twelve high-resolution NMR spectrometers ranging from 400 MHz
to 1200 MHz are available. CERM also features an advanced molecular
biology laboratory and a biophysical laboratory with last-generation
Q-Band CW/FT-EPR (with the possibility of operating in CW-X-band) EPR
spectrometer, dynamic light scattering, CD, stopped-flow, fluorimetry,
UV-visible spectrophotometers, isothermal micro-calorimeter and
differential scanning calorimeter, atomic absorption (ICP-MS).
Laboratories equipped for mass spectrometry (ESI and MALDI-TOF), cryo-EM
and X-ray diffraction are flanking the NMR research infrastructure.
For further information on CERM, please visit
The successful candidates should have a PhD (or near to completion) in
chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, chemical biology, structural
biology, or related areas. Previous experience in NMR spectroscopy is a
For further information on the projects, please contact Roberta