Professorship in Physical Chemistry, Paderborn University

The Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, at Paderborn University is seeking to recruit a Professor in Physical Chemistry.

The applicants are expected to work in a promising field of physical chemistry and to complement the focus areas "Sustainability" and "Hydrogen" of the Department of Chemistry thematically and methodologically with a modern research area that is complementary and connectable to existing working groups. The scientific focus of the applicants should be in the field of energy conversion, such as electro-, photo- or photoelectrochemistry. Examples include electrosynthesis by conversion of CO2, activation of small molecules, upconversion processes in combination with photocatalytic transformations, hydrogen evolution reactions. These thematic foci are ideally combined with spectroscopic or analytical methods that also visualize dynamic processes in solution and at interfaces.

For further information, please see the announcements at Paderborn University's website:
Application deadline: November 30th, 2023
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