Two postdoc positions: protein dynamics in ligand binding and allostery

Dear colleagues,

We have two open positions in my research group at Lund University, Sweden, for postdoctoral researchers to join our projects involving protein NMR relaxation methods to investigate the role of protein conformational dynamics in ligand binding and allostery. The projects involve both applications and methods development & pulse sequence design. The successful candidates will have ample opportunities to grow scientifically, contribute creatively and engage in study design. 

Project 1.  “DynaPLIX — Dynamics of Protein Ligand Interactions”. 

This ERC-SyG project is a collaboration between 3 research groups representing complementary expertise in biophysical methods: Mikael Akke (NMR spectroscopy) at Lund University, Kresten Lindorff-Larsen (molecular dynamics simulations & computational chemistry) at University of Copenhagen, and Eike Schulz (time-resolved X-ray crystallography) at the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf. In our project we will study ligand binding to proteins with the aim to describe the process in terms of structure, dynamics, kinetics, and energy landscapes. 
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Project 2.  "Decoding Dynamics and Energetics of Allosteric Signaling”. 

In this project we combine NMR spectroscopy with other biophysical methods and molecular dynamics simulations + computational approaches in collaboration with Prof. Erik Lindahl at Stockholm University and Prof. Sara Linse at Lund University. In this project we address the role of conformational dynamics in allostery, with respect to both signaling pathways within proteins and energetics of allosteric coupling between sites
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Welcome to apply!
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Mikael Akke
Biophysical Chemistry, Center for Molecular Protein Science
Department of Chemistry
Lund University