Post-doc opportunity for the development of in situ photoNMR approaches in liquid and solid state

Dear NMR community,
a one-year postdoctoral fellowship (with possible extension of one year) on the development of liquid and solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) under in situ photoirradiation is available at the University of Lorraine in Nancy.
The aim of this project, is to further develop and apply NMR characterization to directly monitor the kinetics of photoinduced reactions, as well as photoproduct relaxation.

The systems studied here will range from biomimetic photoswitches synthesized by the L2CM laboratory (Université de Lorraine),to hybrid host-guest materials synthesized in our group as well by our international partners at the Institute of General, Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry (Innsbruck University, Austria).

This project is funded by the Lorraine Université d’Excellence (LUE) initiative and the postdoctoral researcher will work in the CRM2 laboratory under the supervision of Axel Gansmüller of the NMR team (https://crm2.univ-, in the framework of a collaboration with the L2CM laboratory and the University of Innsbruck.
The development will be carried out on the NMR platform at CRM2, equipped with 6 spectrometers covering the range from 200-600 MHz for liquid and 300 & 600 MHz solid-state NMR along with solution and solid state “in-situ” irradiation set-ups with LEDs and Lasers covering the 275-1300 nm range. In particular, this project will benefit from unique NMR instruments available in our group such as a brand-new 3.2 mm photo-MAS NMR probehead operating on a 600MHz NMR magnet.
Additional details can be found on our website:
Best wishes to all of you,
Dr. Axel Gansmüller
Maître de conférences de l'université de Lorraine

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