Senior Laboratory Research Scientist – MRC Biomedical NMR Centre

Hi All,
The MRC Biomedical NMR Centre at the Francis Crick Institiute in London is looking for a Senior Scientist to join the small team responsible for the management and operation of the Centre. The role comprises two core activities. Firstly, the day-to-day management of NMR instruments, including diagnosing and addressing instrumental and software problems, and coordinating planned maintenance, service and repair, all with the goal of minimising downtime and maximising scientific outputs. In addition, the role entails comprehensive support of the Centre’s diverse user base, with interests including synthetic organic chemistry, metabolomics and structural biology. The role holder will be engaged in practical support and training of users in a wide range of NMR methods, as well in collaborating with users to determine how NMR can best contribute to the scientific question in hand.
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Closing date : 16th August.


Geoff Kelly
MRC Biomedical NMR Centre
The Francis Crick Institute
1 Midland Road
London NW1 1AT

Tel:  0203 7962135
Fax: 0701 1973950

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