PhD position available at the Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica (ITQ, UPV-CSIC), Valencia

PhD Scholarship in State-of-the-Art Characterization of Zeolites and Their Use in Industrially Relevant Separation Processes


A four-year contract is available at the Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ), Valencia, Spain, to obtain the title of Doctor upon completion.

The ITQ opens the call for the doctoral project described below, supervised by Dr. Teresa Blasco and Prof. Fernando Rey.

The project

The project will focus on understanding the adsorption and diffusion of small molecules through very homogeneous and narrow structural pores of zeolitic and MOF materials. To this end, a series of multidisciplinary techniques (theoretical modeling, X-ray and electron diffraction) as well as carrying out experiments in large scientific facilities (sources of synchrotron radiation and neutrons). In this investigation, special emphasis will be made on the application of solid-state NMR spectroscopy for the structural characterization of the materials but also to investigate of the adsorption of a series of molecules by using in-situ methods. More advanced experiments will be carried out using high magnetic field NMR facilities and state of the art methodologies in collaboration with international scientific groups.



Candidates will have a unique opportunity to perform experiments using excellent facilities, along with complementary simulation methods to gain insight into a crucial chemical process in the future.

The student will also have the possibility to compare her/his results with real adsorption experiments and thus gain skills in adsorption, NMR, and molecular modeling applied to industrial and societal challenges.

The project will be based at the ITQ in Valencia (Spain), where the PhD student can take advantage of the world-class solids characterization and adsorption facilities and of close contact to industry.

The call for applications will remain open until 31st September 2023. Decision will be taken in middle October.

If interested, please send a CV by E-mail to Dr Teresa Blasco ( and Prof. Fernando Rey (




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