Postdoc opportunity: MAS NMR of halide perovskites

My group is looking for a Research Fellow to work on solid-state NMR of halide perovskites within an ERC Starting Grant (underwritten by UKRI) ‘Atomic-Level Insight into Photoinduced Transformations in Perovskite Optoelectronics’.


Some of our representative work:


Birmingham Chemistry is based in an impressive new building opening in August this year, with access to a number of solid-state NMR systems, including the UK high-field solid-state NMR facility and the UK MAS DNP facility. We have a vibrant academic community and over the past few years the School has invested substantially in its academic staff, estate and research infrastructure. You will join a remarkably dynamic and scholarly environment that will enable you to flourish.


For more details and to apply:


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Dominik J. Kubicki

Assistant Professor

School of Chemistry

University of Birmingham


B15 2TT