NMR manager position at Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland Ohio

We would like to draw your attention to our recruitment of a NMR manager for the University's NMR core, housing a 400, 600 MHz spectrometers in the College of Engineering, and 500 + 700 MHz Bruker instruments in Chemistry as well as a 800 + 900 MHz Bruker instruments in the medical school.
The NMR manager will oversee the operation of these instruments, as well as two helium recycling units and will work with an assistant manager to provide service and training to users. Details of the position and how to apply are given at https://case.edu/academic-careers/nuclear-magnetic-resonance-core-manager-office-research-and-technology-management . We seek a manager with strong interest, and -ideally significant prior experience- in NMR hardware and software and we would prefer a person who has a Masters or PhD. The position is available immediately and we will review applications until it is filled.
For any  technical / environment questions please contact the NMR core co-directors Profs. Matthias Buck (mxb150@case.edu) and Gregory Tochtrop (gpt6@case.edu).