2023 ISMAR Prize and Abragam Prize recipients, Callaghan Lecturer

The ISMAR Prize Committee has selected the recipients of the 2023 ISMAR Prize and the 2023 Abragam Prize. The ISMAR Prize recipient is Dr. Ad Bax from the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA, a world leader in the development of NMR methods for the study of proteins and nucleic acids. The Abragam Prize recipient is Prof. Ashok Ajoy of the University of California Berkeley, a pioneer in the development of new magnetic resonance methods based on quantum technologies for nanoscale MRI, quantum sensing and optical hyperpolarization-based NMR.

The ISMAR Executive Committee has also selected Prof. Songi Han of the University of California, Santa Barbara, to be the 2023 Paul Callaghan Lecturer. Prof. Han's work pushes the frontiers of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and relaxometry for the study of biomolecular interactions, biomolecular and materials surfaces, and the property of their hydration layers.

We congratulate Drs. Bax, Ajoy and Han, and we look forward to their lectures on the opening of day of the 2023 ISMAR conference in Brisbane on August 20. Please see https://www.ismar2023.org for details.