Postdoc in single cell NV-NMR/MRI

We are seeking for a motivated Postdoc candidate for joining our team and working on a highly interdisciplinary research project involving NMR spectroscopy based on Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. Ideally, the candidate has a background in MRI, NMR or NV-hardware development.

Postdoc in single cell NV-NMR spectroscopy

Our research group focuses on utilizing quantum sensors in the field of chemistry. Specifically, we investigate the utilization of spin defects found in diamonds as sensors on an atom-sized scale for conducting nuclear magnetic resonance experiments. Our new technology has various applications, including the analysis of single cells in microfluidics and the characterization of surfaces and novel materials. Currently, we are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to work on the following topics:

Applicants project 1: Microscale PFG-NV-NMR for life and material sciences
Our group recently developed pulse field gradient (PFG) NV-NMR for imaging diffusion within microstructures. In the next steps we plan to apply this technology in the life and material sciences.
Applicants profile. The highly motivated candidate should have expertise in NMR, MRI or NV spectroscopy, ideally with hardware development or expertise in PFG experiments.
Applicants project 2: Single cell NV-NMR spectroscopy
Our group aims to develop NV-based NMR spectroscopy on the single-cell level within an ERC starting grant. In order to achieve the necessary sensitivities, hyperpolarization methods must be applied, and the NV-NMR detection must be improved. In the project, these technological developments will be combined with applications in single-cell biology.
Applicants profile. The highly motivated candidate should have expertise in NV or NMR/MRI spectroscopy, ideally with hardware development.

The offer

The Technische Universität von München (TUM) is one of the most renowned universities in Europe. We are offering excellent working conditions in a highly international research environment. The salary is in accordance with the Public Sector Collective Agreement on Länder (TV-L E13 100%).

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