NMR postdoc in IDPs, protein quality control

Dear all,
My lab has a NMR postdoc position open in intrinsically-disordered proteins and protein quality control machinery. We are super interested in investigating ubiquitin-related machinery whose dysregulation are implicated in neurodegenerative disorders such as ALS, and we collaborate with many other labs across the U.S. and internationally.
We are located in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY, USA (central New York state). We are adjacent to SUNY-Upstate Medical University and SUNY-ESF, which houses both a Bruker 600 and Bruker 800 MHz magnets. The 800 is equipped with a TCI cryoprobe for 13C-detect experiments. Plenty of opportunities exist to learn other biophysical techniques, microscopy, and cell biology approaches; we are happy to train.
Position is open immediately! Learn more about the position and apply here: https://www.sujobopps.com/postings/98419

Carlos Castañeda, PhD

Associate Professor
Biology and Chemistry Departments, Program in Neuroscience


T 315.443.3673 | Twitter: @Castaneda_Lab | W http://cacastan.expressions.syr.edu

240 Life Sciences Complex, Syracuse, NY 13244

Syracuse University