NMR Instrument Manager/Teaching Position at Mississippi State University

Hi everyone,


The Department of Chemistry at Mississippi State University hopes to hire multiple instructors who will also support our instrument facilities. The positions are flexible, and I’m seeking applications from individuals interested in working in our NMR facility. This could be an experienced NMR user interested in teaching, but it could also be someone who enjoys teaching and wants to support users in the NMR lab. Some NMR experience is desired, but our existing faculty, our current facility manager, and I are willing to work the successful applicant to grow their skills in this area.


This position is listed as 50% teaching/50% service, but this is also somewhat flexible. Part of the teaching could include teaching a class for graduate students on basic NMR experiment acquisition, but it could also include coordinating upper-division physical chemistry and/or biochemistry labs. Service would be day-to-day maintenance of the facility, helping users, and running remote samples.


That’s a little different from what’s typically advertised for a facility manager. Because the advertisement was written to be flexible, I encourage anyone with questions or interest to contact me. The ad itself is available at:




Our department currently has three NMR systems (300, 500, and 600 MHz), and we were recently funded by the NSF to install an 800 MHz and helium recovery system. It’s an exciting time to be at MSU, and our department strives to be a supportive and encouraging environment for all who work here.


Our department also has a high-resolution mass spectrometry and X-ray facility. If you or someone you know has expertise in those areas, please feel free to contact me as well.





Nicholas Fitzkee
Professor of Chemistry
Mississippi State University


(662) 325-1288 | Twitter: @FitzkeeLab @chem_msstate