Postdoctoral Researcher in quantitative MR imaging of lipid membranes

The MR physics team at CRMBM, Marseille, France, is leading a research project on the characterization of a new MRI biomarker targeted to myelin, a fundamental component of the central nervous system consisting of a densely packed cellular membrane surrounding the axons. It is based on magnetization transfer which allows imaging motion-restricted macromolecules indirectly by MRI. This biomarker has promising applications for both basic and clinical neuroimaging research, such as the monitoring of brain development or neurodegenerative diseases.

The proposed postdoctoral project aims at developing and validating a quantitative MRI framework. The project is part of a collaboration with NMR experts from the CBMN and IECB laboratory (Bordeaux, France) who will lead a comprehensive NMR characterization of synthetic membranes mimicking the myelin sheath as well as myelin extracts, in order to guide and validate the interpretation of MRI data.

If you are interested to bridge the gap between NMR and MRI for refined in vivo imaging tools, this offer is for you!

We are looking for a motivated and team-oriented candidate with a PhD in NMR, MRI, MR physics, biomedical engineering, or related topic.

The position is available immediately.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you need additional information.

More details, and application details can be found here:


Olivier Girard - PhD, Research Engineer - CRMBM, UMR 7339 CNRS - Aix Marseille Univ

Faculté de Médecine - 27 Boulevard Jean Moulin - 13385 Marseille Cedex 05 - France

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