Ph.D. position (4 years) in NMR spectroscopy in the group of Julien Orts at the University of Vienna

Dear colleagues,

A PhD. position is available in the group of Julien Orts at the university of Vienna. The successful candidate will perform cutting edge research in biophysical chemistry using NMR spectroscopy: We want to establish thermodynamic characterization methods of molecular interactions at atomic resolution using solution state NMR. We anticipate that our research will open new avenues in the fundamental understanding of how atomistic mechanisms create function.

The project is part of a larger ERC grant.

The position is available from the 1st of May, 2023, or as soon as possible.



The ideal candidate should hold a Master's degree and have a strong knowledge of biomolecular solution NMR spectroscopy. Knowledge of protein biochemistry and experience with scripting is considered a plus.

The candidate should be highly motivated, results driven, have high social competencies, excellent communication skills, and be a good team player.


Working environment:

Our NMR facility has recently been upgraded and houses five NMR spectrometers: 200 MHz, 400 MHz, two 500 MHz, and one 700M Hz with cryo-probes and sampleJet.
Our wet lab has just been established and is over 200 m2 large with state of the art equipment for protein purification and biophysical characterization of protein/ligand interactions.

We offer a stimulating work environment, with research topics ranging from structural biology to drug discovery and scientific collaborations with academic laboratories and companies. Our faculty is young and dynamic: twelve new young Professors were hired in the Department over the last five years.

Website of the group:


The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is within walking distance of Vienna's historical city center. Vienna is regularly awarded the best city for quality of life and offers a vibrant international community.


Applications should be submitted as one PDF file containing a cover letter and your curriculum vitae, with contact details for references. The deadline for applications is March 31st.Only complete applications will be considered.


For applications or further information please contact: