Postdoctoral and staff positions at the Pittsburgh Center for HIV Protein Interactions

Postdoctoral and staff positions at the Pittsburgh Center for HIV Protein
We are looking for creative, motivated, and highly skilled postdoctoral
researchers, technical staff and graduate students to work in the laboratories
of Prof. Angela M. Gronenborn and Prof. Tatyana Polenova. The Pittsburgh
Center for HIV Protein Interactions (PCHPI) is an NIAID-funded center
dedicated to addressing questions on viral-cellular interactions. The
Gronenborn and Polenova groups employ NMR spectroscopy, other structural
methodologies and biophysical tools to arrive at a fundamental understanding
of structure and dynamics of key molecular players that are important for the
intricate interplay between the HIV-1 virus and its host. The research
projects will focus on i) development of NMR and integrative methodologies to
interrogate the structure and dynamics of HIV-1 and host proteins in live
cells; ii) characterization of structures and dynamics of complexes involved
in HIV-1 immune evasion, trafficking and nuclear entry; iii) atomic-level
characterization of HIV-1 assembly, maturation and inhibition. The successful
candidates will conduct research in a stimulating, supportive, collegiate,
inclusive, and collaborative work environment. For more information, please
visit PCHPI: Other areas of science are described on the
websites of Prof. Gronenborn
Prof. Polenova ( If interested, please
send a cover letter, CV, and three letters of reference to either Prof.
Gronenborn or Prof. Polenova.
Applicants for Postdoc positions should hold a Ph.D. in biophysics, chemistry,
biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology, or a closely related field.
Experience in biophysics or structural biology is desired.
Applicants for Technical Staff positions should hold a Bachelor’s degree in
biophysics, chemistry, structural biology, bioengineering, biochemistry, cell
biology, or a closely related field. Experience in protein biochemistry and
biophysical characterization of biological molecules is required.
Ph.D. Applicants should consult Drs. Gronenborn and Polenova’s websites and
apply to the appropriate Graduate Programs. Informal enquiries can be
addressed to either PI.
Applicants should include a cover letter detailing their interests in working
in a particular field, a curriculum vitae that describes their previous
education and work experiences as well as a list of publications.
Tatyana Polenova, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
036 Brown Laboratories
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716 USA