Postdoc in DNP, fast-MAS, and Catalysis SSNMR

Dear colleagues,
We are looking for a postdoc to join the SSNMR team at Ames National Laboratory/Iowa State University. The work will mainly be focused on the development and application of DNP and fast-MAS methods for applications in heterogeneous catalysis.
The lab is equipped with a 400 MHz MAS-DNP spectrometer with 3.2 and 1.3 mm probes in addition to two 600 MHz and one 400 MHz SSNMR spectrometers capable of running in situ experiments at temperatures of up to 300°C and fast-MAS at rates of up to 100 kHz.
Ours is a vibrant and collaborative working environment. We collaborate heavily with other groups at Ames National Laboratory who focus on materials synthesis and catalysis. The group has funded research programs in DNP fundamentals, polymer upcycling, heterogeneous catalysis, and applications of SSNMR to materials. The chosen applicant would be free to explore whatever research interests them the most.
All interested parties are encouraged to apply at the following link, or contact me if you'd rather like to discuss the position.
Frédéric Perras, PhD
Scientist III

Ames Laboratory
US Department of Energy
Ames, IA, 50011