NMR specialist (and mass spec too) – Syracuse, NY, USA

We are actively recruiting an NMR and MS specialist to manage our high field NMR facility in Syracuse.

We operate a Bruker 800 magnet (with TCI cryoprobe) and Bruker 600 (with RT and Prodigy probes), together with several MS instruments (single quad, triple quad, orbitrap, GCMS), housed at SUNY-ESF (State University of New York - Environmental Science and Forestry). This facility interfaces with neighboring institutions including Cornell University, U of Rochester, SUNY-Buffalo, among others.

A critical aspect of this position is the ability to run, maintain, and use NMR spectrometers. This manager would also train others on acquiring and collecting data. There are many opportunities for collaborations involving many labs in the Biology and Chemistry departments at Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF, and SUNY-Upstate Medical University (all within a 10 minute walk of each other).

Collaborations are also likely with the Syracuse University Chemistry NMR facility, which houses a Bruker 300 and 400 magnet (the latter with Prodigy probe). A PhD is preferred, but candidates at the Masters level would be considered too.

The job position is available here: https://esf.interviewexchange.com/jobofferdetails.jsp?JOBID=157579 

I am happy to talk to any potential applicants too if they have any questions about Syracuse. Please reach out to Prof. Carlos Castañeda (cacastan@syr.edu).
Thank you for sharing!
~ Carlos

Carlos Castañeda, PhD
Associate Professor
Biology and Chemistry Departments, Program in Neuroscience
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