NMR Transfer Engineer position at CRMN Lyon

Dear colleagues,
Within the framework of the CNRS Transfer Engineer Programme (PIT), the Very High Field NMR Centre in Lyon is recruiting a 36-month NMR Transfer Engineer on a fixed-term contract (Research Engineer level), with the mission of developing and implementing the strategy of opening the NMR platform to industry on a national and European scale. More specifically, he/she will: i) promote the analytical capabilities of modern NMR instruments and methodologies, ii) carry out targeted canvassing of industry, iii) increase the NMR platform's service and collaboration contracts and thus develop its turnover (more details on the envisaged activities below).
The person recruited will have a good knowledge of analytical techniques, instrumental and methodological capacities of NMR, as well as knowledge of industrial issues in various fields (chemistry, materials, energy, biology, health, etc.). Ideally, he/she will have research experience in both the industrial and academic sectors.
The person recruited will work at the Lyon Very High Field NMR Centre in Villeurbanne and will be able to rely on and contribute to the CNRS networks dedicated to the development of industrial partnerships at regional and national level (e.g. Infranalytics).
To apply, please send your application (CV and cover letter) to https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/UMR5082-GUIPIN0-005/Default.aspx. Candidates can also contact Guido Pintacuda (guido.pintacuda@ens-lyon.fr) and Camille Chabilan (camille.chabilan@ens-lyon.fr) for more information.
Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested.
The position includes the following activities
i) Strategy and business development
- Build and implement with the laboratory management the business development strategy of the platform
- Identify and prospect potential users and industrial partners in France and abroad
- Implement communication actions during meetings, congresses and forums to promote the opportunities offered by the platform (instrumentation, expertise, services, applications)
- Develop a portfolio of industrial contacts
- Carry out financial monitoring and reports on the platform's contractual activity
ii) Dedicated support for industrialists
- To be the privileged point of contact for companies and to respond to their requests with responsiveness
- Discuss their problems and objectives, identifying and analysing their needs, defining the scientific and technical implementation and formalising it (estimate) and setting up the experimental work in interaction with the laboratory staff
- Participate in the negotiation of contracts with the Partnership and Valorisation Department of the CNRS Regional Delegation, in conjunction with the CRMN Management
- Follow the progress of the execution, ensure the transfer of data, the availability of results (analysis reports) and the invoicing (in connection with the financial services)

iii) Development of communication tools and quality management
- Set up dedicated communication material (website, social networks, brochures, posters, presentations at events, videos, interviews, etc.)
- Implement quality management actions (optimal operation of the platform via maintenance contracts and annual controls by quality assurance visits - VAQ -, procedures for securing and managing industrial data, satisfaction surveys, etc.)
- Set up monitoring indicators and management charts.

Yours sincerely
Guido Pintacuda

Guido Pintacuda
CNRS Research Director

Director of the Lyon High-Field NMR Center
UMR 5082 CNRS / Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon / Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
5 rue de la Doua
69100 Villeurbanne (Lyon), France