PhD position in NMR studies of solid electrolytes at TU Darmstadt

PhD position in NMR studies of solid electrolytes at Technical University Darmstadt, Germany

Solid electrolytes play an important role in state-of-the-art energy technologies, e.g., in lithium ion batteries. Despite this major significance, the mechanisms enabling fast ion transport in solid materials remain incompletely understood, interfering with a knowledge-based design of materials for the next-generation of energy technologies. Therefore, the goal of this project is to apply and develop NMR methods for in-depth studies of ion dynamics in solid electrolytes to improve our current understanding. For this purpose, the capabilities of the Vogel lab (TU Darmstadt, Germany) will be available, which among others features one-of-a-kind setups for NMR relaxometry and diffusometry.
This PhD position (67% E13) will be offered for three years and is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The research project is part of the Research Unit FOR 5065, which comprises several related projects at different German universities. The successful candidate will work in the Vogel lab at the Physics Department of Technical University Darmstadt. Applications are welcome until the position is filled.
• Master degree in Physics, Chemistry or a related discipline
• Experience in NMR spectroscopy
• Good English language skills
• High motivation and diligence
If you are interested, please send a short application letter and your CV to

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