PhD/ postdoc position in Regensburg, Germany

Dear NMR enthusiasts,

In our lab in beautiful Regensburg (Southern Germany) we have an open position for a PhD candidate or for a Postdoctoral fellow. We are well equipped with 500, 600 and 800 MHz spectrometers and we have access to higher fields e.g. in close-by München (including 1.2 GHz). In addition, we have fully equipped wet-labs for biochemical work and a very nice working environment within the Regensburg Center for Biochemistry (

Research in our lab focuses on understanding how large molecular machines function and we are especially interested in correlating motions in enzymes with activity. To that end, we combine NMR methods (e.g. methyl TROSY, 19F) with other structural methods (including cryo EM) and biochemical/ biophysical experiments (e.g. activity assays, fluorescence anisotropy, ITC). In addition, we have an interest in understanding how protein condensation influences protein function. For a list of our publications please refer to:

As NMR is central to all our projects we ask that candidates have a strong interest in NMR methods; experience in setting up NMR experiments or implementing NMR pulse sequences would be fantastic. The starting date could be somewhere within the next 6 months, the salary is according to the DFG rules (65% E13 for PhD, 100% E13 for postdocs).

In case you are interested, please drop me a mail ( with a short CV (including biochemical and NMR experience as well as research interests) and the names of one or two references.

Thanks for your time and interests and all the best,

Remco Sprangers

Prof. Dr. Remco Sprangers
Biophysics-I, Bio-molecular NMR spectroscopy
Institute of Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry
Faculty of Biology and Preclinical Medicine
University of Regensburg
Universitätsstrasse 31
93053 Regensburg
Phone +49-941-943 2194 / 7751