NMR Postdoctoral Position, University of Regensburg (Germany)

Postdoctoral Scientist Position (m/f/d) in NMR-Spectroscopy in Photocatalysis Within the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre "Assembly Controlled Chemical Photocatalysis"

Prof. R. M. Gschwind offers a postdoc position to be filled at the University of Regensburg, Germany, as soon as possible. Chemical photocatalysis dramatically changed the way organic synthesis is done. In addition, NMR-spectroscopy is a unique tool to get insights into the interactions between the substrate and the catalytically active species before and after light excitation. The Gschwind group is leading in the development and application of NMR tools and methods for chemical photocatalysis. Within the CRC “Assembly Controlled Chemical Photocatalysis”, which is a research cluster in photocatalysis consisting of 16 working groups, a postdoc position is available in the Gschwind group for the further development of NMR methods in photocatalysis. The special goal is to develop an ultrasensitive NMR tool for the detection and structural characterization of electron donor acceptor complexes in photocatalysis. Further goals are the detection, analysis and modulation of electron transfer processes and their impact in photocatalysis. The CRC 325 offers an excellent interdisciplinary research environment. Information about the individual research projects of the CRC 325 can be found at https://crc325.de/
What we offer:
  • Work on the frontier of NMR spectroscopy in photocatalysis in an excellent interdisciplinary team of researchers. 
  • The contract time period for a postdoc project within the CRC is at minimum one year. 
  • German pay scale TV-L E13 (100%, about 50.000 € a year before taxes). 
  • Attending conferences 
  • The welcome center of the international office helps international graduate students and visiting scientists in finding a suitable accommodation and all administrative issues.


  • PhD and master in Chemistry, Physics or a related engineering field with excellent results from an accredited university
  • Special expertise in high resolution NMR spectroscopy; experience with paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy and chemical exchange processes preferred (applicants are welcome from Bio- and small molecule NMR, both organic and inorganic)
  • Ideally experience with computational chemistry
  • The existence of high-ranking publications best with first authorships during the PhD

Your Application: Please send us the following files as PDFs attached as one single email addressed to ruth.gschwind@chemie.uni-regensburg.de and in CC to johannes.gramueller@chemie.uniregensburg.de

  1. a letter of motivation (200-500 words)
  2. CV including academic achievements, publications and grades
  3.  A short summary of the PhD thesis (max. 250 words)
  4. Documents and certificates like BSc, MSc, PhD certificate etc.
  5. E-mail, phone number and address of a reference contact We especially invite excellent academics from abroad.

The selection procedure of this CRC position starts on the 22.11.2022 and ends if a suitable candidate is found. Please send your application as soon as possible.