PostDoc Position Available at ETH: High MAS High Field NMR with Bockmann, Meier, Ernst & Barnes

In the laboratory of Physical Chemistry Department of ETH Zurich we are looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral candidate to carry out applications of MAS NMR to viral proteins of high biological interest and methods development of high MAS (0.1-0.2MHz) and high field (850,1200 MHz 1H) spectroscopy. The postdoc will be jointly advised by Anja Böckmann (CNRS Lyon), Beat Meier (Emeritus ETH) and Alexander Barnes (ETH Zurich), in a highly collaborative project. Theory of new pulse sequences for optimized NMR >0.1 MHz MAS will be carried-out also in collaboration with Matthias Ernst (ETH). The position optimally begins fall 2022 / winter 2023.

We offer unique equipment with NMR magnets at 850 and 1200 MHz and high frequency magic angle spinning probes > 150 kHz as well as additional spectrometers at 600 and 500 MHz. Although technology development is not part of this postdoc's position, the first applications of cutting-edge MAS probes for spinning >200 kHz using both cylindrical and new spherical rotors is forseen. Similarly, DNP and MAS <6 Kelvin with frequency agile gyrotrons could also be leveraged for cryogenic characterization of samples. A wet lab for protein biochemistry and sample preparation as well as relevant expertise are available.

The position is initially offered for a year, and the candidate is strongly encouraged to apply for a Marie Curie Fellowships (or Swiss equivalent) and an ETH fellowship.

The successful candidate will develop pulse sequences optimized for high magnetic fields and fast spinning to study the structure and dynamics of viral protein assemblies and membrane proteins, and should have previous experience in solid-state NMR.

Xander (on behalf of Anja, Beat, and Matthias)

Alexander Barnes
Physical Chemistry
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 2
8093 Zürich