2 years Postdoc position – Udine University – Italy

A Pfizer-funded postdoctoral position is available for 2 years in the biophysics laboratory of Prof. Alessandra Corazza and Dr. Cristina Cantarutti at the University of Udine (Italy).
The project aims to clarify the role of mechanical forces in the conversion of soluble transthyretin, the precursor protein of ATTR, into amyloid aggregates. To this end, a new Rheo-NMR apparatus will be available on a 700 MHz NMR spectrometer with cryoprobe that introduces shear forces into the NMR magnet. With this configuration, it will be possible to perform standard high resolution experiments. 

We are looking for a creative and motivated researcher who can independently work on a complex system. We seek candidates with experience in protein NMR who are willing to tackle the use of the new Rheo-NMR apparatus. The selected candidate will be part of a team working on several projects on amyloidogenic proteins but also other interesting structural biology research themes. Experience in molecular dynamics simulations is appreciated.
The lab works closely with the University of Pavia and the UCL National Amyloidosis Centre (London, UK).
The position will start in spring 2023. The formal application will open in January 2023, but please contact me before that date.

Prof. Alessandra Corazza
Coordinator of PhD in Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences
Dipartimento di Area Medica
Università di Udine
P.le Kolbe, 4
33100 Udine
Tel. 0432 494322