Postdoc on pulsed Dynamic Nuclear Polarization – University of Konstanz

A postdoc position will be available per July 1st, 2022 in the research group of Guinevere Mathies in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Konstanz, Germany. Topic of research will be pulsed Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP), a new approach to enhancing the sensitivity of solid-state NMR. Though pulsed DNP looks very promising at low magnetic fields, it has not yet been experimentally realized at magnetic fields relevant for high-resolution NMR. Aim of the research is to find out how this is best accomplished. Methods include DNP pulse sequence design using theoretical tools from solid- and liquid-state NMR and advanced numerical simulations, as well as an exploration of the use of highly polarized triplet states. The position is part of a new collective research initiative with KIT, Uni Stuttgart, and Uni Kaiserslautern and comes with the possibility to join a large group of researchers working on the next generation of magnetic resonance methods and instrumentation.

At the University of Konstanz pulsed DNP/EPR spectrometers at 0.34 T (X band) and 1.2 T (Q band) are available for the project. MAS NMR spectrometers at 400 and 800 MHz are available as well.

The position is funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) up to 4 years. Salary is in accordance with DFG guidelines for postdoctoral researchers.

Do you have, or are you about to complete, a PhD that involved a significant amount of magnetic resonance (NMR, EPR, ...) and spins, either theory or experiments, and are you looking for a new challenge? Then apply for this position by sending a cover letter and CV to Dr. Guinevere Mathies ( Don't forget to provide two professional references we can contact.

For further information, have a look at our website (, read our recent paper (, or get in touch by email.

Dr. Guinevere Mathies
Emmy Noether Group Leader
Department of Chemistry
University of Konstanz

Phone: +49 7531 88 2013
Address: University of Konstanz
Room Z736 / Mail box 706
Universitätsstrasse 10
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