Iowa State University NMR Scientist Facility Position


We have an open position for an NMR staff scientist that will split their time between the Iowa State University Chemical Instrumentation Facility and the Biological NMR Facility across the street. This person will primarily be working on biological solution NMR projects on our three cryoprobe-equipped spectrometers, but we also have some facility-wide projects in mind regarding sample submission, website, billing and scheduling for both facilities. There is also a bit of flexibility with this position for the successful candidate to shape the job duties to meet their scientific goals.

I will be the supervisor for this position, and the position will technically be housed in the Chemistry Department. Candidates should have a strong NMR background, however, they do not necessarily need to be biological or solution-NMR focused. We are willing to provide on-the-job training and travel to relevant workshops or offsite trainings. This is an “open rank” position in the staff scientist sense – i.e. we are encouraging recent grads and people who are ABD/defending this summer to apply, in addition to people who have experience as an NMR facility manager. This is a three year term position, with the anticipation that there will be an opportunity to apply for a continuous position at the end of the term. Please email me with any questions about the position or living in Ames! The link is below and I will also copy the posting below. Guaranteed consideration date is May 31st.

Sarah D. Cady, PhD
Chemical Instrumentation Facility
Iowa State University
1234D Hach Hall
2438 Pammel Drive
Ames, IA 50011-1079
(515) 294-5805

Position Title:
Research Scientist III

Job Group:
Professional & Scientific

Required Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of related experience

Preferred Qualifications:
Ph.D. with a research focus on physical or analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, or a related field
A publication record with a focus on NMR methodology
Experience in an instrumentation service group at university, a research group with an instrumentation focus, national lab, corporate research lab, or similar
Applications experience with liquid and/or solid-state NMR
Experience with basic website editing and NMR acquisition and processing software
Experience in preparation of instrumentation grant proposals and the installation of major instruments
Demonstrated ability to participate in the troubleshooting and repair of NMR instrumentation

Job Description:
The Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology seek a Research Scientist to be part of the Chemical Instrumentation Facility (CIF) and Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility (BNMRF) with a main specialty in biological solution NMR, natural products NMR, and/or biological solid-state NMR.

This is a three-year term position with the anticipation that the successful candidate will have the opportunity to apply for a continuous position by the end of the term. The Research Scientist will be responsible for oversight, training, and maintenance for three cryoprobe-equipped high-field solution NMR spectrometers (600 MHz in Chemistry and 700, 800 MHz in BBMB), in addition to other NMR-related and facility maintenance duties in CIF and BNMRF. The Research Scientist will work closely with faculty major users and their research groups, in addition to staff scientists in CIF and BNMRF. Applications should be submitted by May 31, 2022 for guaranteed consideration.

Areas of Responsibility
• Training and indirect supervision of the research activities of graduate students and collaboration on new methodologies and research projects when appropriate
• Day-to-day instrument maintenance and repairs
• Preparation of grant proposals and annual reports for funding agencies and internal purposes
• Evaluation and acquisition of new instrumentation
• Development of training materials as well as development and implementation of outreach programs

The successful candidate
• Will have excellent technical skills in at least one area noted and will be willing to learn new NMR methodologies, pulse sequence coding, automation programming and data processing
• Have interest in or experience with maintaining websites and will work on modernizing and streamlining electronic instrument booking, electronic usage tracking and remote data storage
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills for working with faculty, graduate students, and instrument companies
• Excellent writing skills for crafting training materials and grant proposals