Research Engineer in solution-state and hyperpolarized NMR at CRMN-Lyon

Dear Colleagues,
In anticipation of the opening of a permanent position, the CRMN-Lyon is recruiting a research engineer.
We would be grateful if you could forward this ad to anyone who might be interested.
Best regards,
Sami Janin
- - -
Main duties:
The Research Engineer will be in charge of welcoming external users coming to work on CRMN equipment on solution-state biomolecular NMR projects. He/she will supervise the operation of all the solution-state NMR equipment, from the installation phases to those of monitoring, maintenance or follow-up, in conjunction with the other technical staff. He/she will join the research activities in hyperpolarized NMR in solution (dissolution DNP), by participating in the development of instrumentation, methodology and the supervision of students within the team of Prof. Sami Jannin. The engineer will be trained in the use of dissolution DNP instrumentation and the preparation of samples, in order to support students and researchers in the implementation and respect of good practices (security, use of devices, common areas). He/she will be an actor in research projects.

Activities :
· In charge of hosting NMR projects in solution (structural biology, metabolomics) in the context of the national NMR platform at Very High Fields and/or industrial projects (from the realization of experiments to the results analysis and drafting of publications).
· Engage with students and researchers in the laboratory during their NMR experiments in solution, propose appropriate characterization methods
· Organize, plan, carry out and monitor maintenance operations for NMR spectrometers (including cryoprobe, cryoplatform, and dissolution-DNP equipment) and ensure the proper functioning of instrumentation.
· Manage the installation of new NMR equipment.
Manage major infrastructure operation and development files (supply of cryogenic fluids, for example)
· Develop a research activity in dissolution DNP, participate in research and industrial contracts; supervise trainees and doctoral students, present results at conferences, and write articles.

Skills :
· Training in solution-state NMR spectroscopy of biomolecules (preparation of samples, acquisition and interpretation of spectra allowing the study of the structure and dynamics of biomolecules).
· Know the piloting and data processing software as well as the tools for simulating NMR experiments.
· Know how to implement new NMR experiments independently.
· Have good knowledge of computers and instrumentation (electronics, cryogenics, mechanics, etc.).
· Have an excellent level of scientific and technical English.
· Have advanced knowledge in physico-chemistry and/or biology.
· Have good interpersonal and pedagogical skills

The CRMN is made up on the one hand of research teams at the forefront of NMR in the solid phase and in the liquid phase (about thirty researchers and students distributed around 5 PIs), and on the other hand of a hosting platform open to the national and international community of NMR users. The laboratory thus provides the environment necessary for advanced methodological developments in NMR, and for the application of this spectroscopy to the study of fundamental problems in the fields of medicine, biology or materials. It currently houses 7 high-resolution spectrometers operating at frequencies of 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 NB, 800 WB and 1000 MHz, two DNP equipment at 400 and 800 MHz as well as two dissolution DNP polarizers. Several accessories are unique prototypes. As such, the CRMN's instrumental platform constitutes an exceptional research environment. The most efficient spectrometers are part of the INFRANALYTICS Infrastructure as well as European access programs (iNEXT Discovery or PANACEA) and industrial ones. The proper functioning of these NMR equipment is a key element for the quality of the research carried out there, but also for the proper functioning of the host platform.

How to apply:
Candidates can now submit their application by email to and to including:
- A resume
- A cover letter
- The contact information of 3 references