NMR Core Facility managment assistant position available at UGent

Dear all,

For the Faculty of Science we are recruiting a 100% management assistant (NMR Core Facility lab assistant) for its NMR Expertise Centre. The person will report directly to the NMR Lab facility Manager, Dr. Dieter Buyst, and Prof. José Martins, co-responsible for the facility. Please note that this is a permanent staff position and that any applicant is expected to understand this implies a long term opportunity but also commitment including moving to the Ghent area.

I would be grateful should you pass this job opening along to any potential candidates you may know that fit the description in the enclosed pdf. This is a function in staff category A, with a salary in accordance with the UGent salary scales 7.1 to 9.2 (note that you need to apply the index multiplication to get the right salary – the factor is currently at 1.8114)

For more information about the position, Ghent University and whom to contact for more information,  see below

José Martins

Requisition ID 22814 - Posted 31-03-2022 - Administrative and technical
staff - 100% - Internal - Faculty of Sciences - WE07 - Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry
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For the Faculty of Science we are recruiting a 100% management assistant (NMR Core Facility lab
assistant). This is a function in staff category A, with a salary in accordance with the UGent salary
scales 7.1 to 9.2.

Your assignment
The NMR expertise centre of the department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry of the Faculty
of Sciences is responsible for a comprehensive package of services within the framework of routine
and advanced analyses of chemical substances using liquid NMR spectroscopy. For this purpose, the
centre has an extensive equipment park at its disposal that is available to academic and external users.
It contributes to scientific research activities of about 250 users from numerous research groups in four
different faculties and is also responsible for services to SMEs and the chemical industry. The service
will soon be extended to solid state and hrMAS NMR spectroscopy, which will further expand the user

For the day-to-day operation of the centre's open access facility, performing routine measurements and
analyses for internal and external employees, training open-access users, maintaining the equipment
and providing general technical support for the NMR Expertise Centre and the NMR and Structural
Analysis research group, we are looking for an enthusiastic and hands-on laboratory employee with a
can-do attitude who will be trained internally as well as externally and who will be regularly updated in
NMR spectroscopy and entrusted with a diverse range of tasks to support scientific research.
• You organise and manage independently the open access for internal and external users.
• You initiate and take care of the follow-up of routine NMR measurements on request of users
of the facility.
• You take care of the independent planning, execution and processing of NMR measurements
on the research platforms when these are not compatible with the operation of the open-access
• You independently perform sample preparations and analyses and provide reports for both
internal and external users.
• You intervene at the request of users, e.g. for technical interventions in the event of error
• You take care of the training of the users of the open-access routine NMR facility (both
liquid/solid and hrMAS NMR)
• You plan and take care of the necessary hardware exchanges and accompanying specification
tests when these are requested.
• You organise and take care of the maintenance and monitoring of the permanent cryogenic
magnets, the electronic platforms; the software and the data management platforms;
• You will be responsible for carrying out regular checks, documenting and reporting on the
performance parameters of the (peripheral) equipment (specification tests) and safety devices.
• You are jointly responsible for the ICT management of the facility, including the monitoring of
all NMR spectrometers and PCs, as well as the transfer and management of the data produced.
• You actively contribute to the drafting of documentation concerning knowledge, infrastructure
and data management (SOPs) including the electronic management thereof.
• You take responsibility for environmental and safety aspects in the chemical laboratory
• You provide general logistical and technical support to the research group NMR and Structural
Analysis (e.g. orders) and to the department in function of specific needs

For more information related to the assignment and responsibilities please contact both Dr. Dieter Buyst
and prof. José Martins, via e-mail: Dieter.Buyst@UGent.be; Jose.Martins@UGent.be

Your desired profile
Knowledge and experience
• You have experience with carrying out analyses in a laboratory environment
• You have experience and/or interest in the maintenance/use of scientific equipment
• Experience with NMR Spectroscopy and/or the interpretation of NMR spectra is a plus
• Knowledge of other techniques for structure analysis (MS, IR) is a plus
• Knowledge of separation techniques (HPLC) is a plus
• You are familiar with environmental and safety aspects of the chemical laboratory.
• You have experience with common software packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and have
experience with Windows or other operating systems (e.g. Linux) ; knowledge of the SharePoint
environment is an advantage
• You have experience with or have an aptitude for ICT

Skills and attitude
• You have good technical insight and a passion for analysis and scientific research
• You are critical and constructive, you like to learn new things and you can handle stress
• You have good communication and social skills
• You have a sense of responsibility and a proactive attitude
• You have a service-oriented attitude
• You have good organisational skills
• You can work well independently as well as in a collegial environment
• You are prepared for some flexibility in working hours when necessary
• You are team-oriented
• You have a good knowledge of English
• You are open to continuous training and education
• You work conscientiously and accurately

Admission requirements
You hold a Master’s degree in Industrial Science/Chemistry or equivalent degree and you submit a
transcript of your degree. For diplomas awarded outside the European Union, a certificate of
equivalence (NARIC) must be submitted

What we offer
We offer a contract of indefinite duration in function class A with a salary in accordance with the UGent
salary scales 7.1 to 9.2, determined by your relevant experience at the level of the position.
All Ghent University staff members enjoy a number of benefits, such as a wide range of training and
education opportunities, 35 days of paid leave, bicycle commuting reimbursement, ecocheques, etc.

Selection procedure
Our selection procedure consists of a cv-screening, an assessment (at Master’s level) and a selection
interview with a selection committee. We will keep you informed of your application status.
As Ghent University maintains an equal opportunities and diversity policy, everyone is encouraged to
apply for this position. If you have a functional impairment, please let us know so we can make the
necessary adjustments.

How to apply
Apply to this position by sending your information to Jose.Martins@UGent.be and Dieter.buyst@UGent.be before 19/04/2022. We
do not accept late/incomplete applications.

Your application must include the following documents:
• Your cv
• Your application letter
• A transcript of the required (or equivalent) degree. If you have a foreign diploma in a language other than our
national languages (Dutch, French or German) or English, please add a translation in one of the languages mentioned
• Only for diplomas awarded outside the European Union a certificate of equivalence (NARIC) must be submitted