Open Positions for PhD students, postdocs, groupleaders, technicians and assistant in NMR, MRI, and hyperpolarization

(N)MR(I) enthusiasts!

We have several positions open for various career stages: PhD students, postdocs, possibly group leaders, imaging-technicians as well as medical physics experts (MPE) and a scientific personal assistant (wissenschaftlicher Referent, E13, for Prof. Hövener).

The topics include clinical MRI, preclinical MRI as well as hyperpolarization, from scanning to sequence development, building hardware, simulations and AI. A combined research – MPE position may be quite attractive for some of you.

If you are an enthusiasts pursuing a career in science, please get in touch at and forward if you see fit. The positions are at the section biomedical imaging (SBMI) at Kiel’s university medical center (UKSH) and the molecular imaging north competence center – MOINCC.

Best wishes!

Some quick facts about Kiel: UKSH is the second largest university medical center in Germany (after Charité), and Kiel Uni is the only “full” university of the state with 30.000+ students. Kiel is the German “City by the bay” and partners with San Francisco. In radiology, we are currently installing more than 10 MRIs (Siemens Solas and Vidas) for patients and research (with and without X-nuclei), the first research 3T is up and running (one Philips 3T and other 1.5 T are available, too). Other hardware include a 7T and 9.4T Bruker Avance NEO MRI and NMR, as well as a dissolution DNP polarizer (spin alinger), a Xenon polarizer (Jim Wild), and a 200 bar, 25K pH2 generator. The “section biomedical imaging” (SBMI) is an international research group of about 30 people from 10+ nations with a strong track record in acquiring third party funding (e.g. SFBs, Cluster of Excellence, Emmy Noether). SBMI operates the “MOINCC”, the uni’s core facility for preclinical imaging (optical, ultrasound, CT, MRI, microscopy, histology), and is setting up a 3D lab (additive, subtractive and conventional manufacturing). For all of this, we need enthusiasts - you!