Assistant professor position in biochemistry

Assistant professor position (maître de conférence) in biochemistry

An assistant professor position (maître de conference) in biochemistry (section 64, Biochimie et biologie moléculaire) is offered in Amiens at the University of Picardie Jules Verne in the GEC lab “Enzyme and Cell Engineering, Molecular Recognition and Biocatalysis" UMR 7025 CNRS (

Research profile :
The study of the interactions of exogenous molecules with biomembranes is an active area of research at the GEC, due to its transversal nature across the two themes of the unit "Biomimicry and biomolecular diversity" and "Plant metabolism and bioresources". The recruited person will be involved in liquid and solid-state NMR structural studies of bioactive molecules, in order to explore their mechanisms of action at the membrane level and their potential for vectorization. Prior expertise in the preparation of lipid systems mimicking biological membranes (liposomes, bicelles and others) will be appreciated. The bioactive molecules of interest are mainly antimicrobial peptides and amphiphilic glycolipids with antibacterial, anticancer, antifungal or eliciting properties, thus covering the fields of human health and/or crop protection. Expertise in molecular modeling, and in particular molecular dynamics simulation of membranes, is highly desirable. Informatic skills for the valorization and future development of our ADAPTABLE database / webserver will also be appreciated.
Initially, the recruited person will integrate in the current projects according to his/her background. Subsequently, a training will be offered to develop any missing skills and reach complete autonomy.

Teaching profile:
Teaching for the Biochemistry / Microbiology service at Bachelor level (first to third year) include general biochemistry, structural biology, biological macromolecules, biochemical analysis, enzymology, metabolism and microbiology. Structural biology and analytical biochemistry are additional courses at the master's level for chemists with specialization in biotechnology.
Desired educational and / or collective responsibilities: responsibilities of teaching units, educational innovation projects and involvement in dissemination activities and communication of scientific culture.

Contacts: Pr Nicola D'Amelio ( and Pr Catherine Sarazin (

How to apply: This position will soon appear on the Galaxie portal of the ministry of higher education, research and innovation (
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