Post-doc position(s) in NMR/MRI at ABQMR

To the AMPERE community,

ABQMR, Inc. is a small research house of about 5 scientists in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. We are looking to hire one or two postdocs as part of our projects in MRI of plant roots beneath the soil. We also anticipate a biomedical project using a one-sided (inside-out) magnet for human diagnosis. And we are developing efforts to monitor UF6 nuclear enrichment, as a non-proliferation tool.

The work involves hardware development as well as MRI studies of plant roots. The ideal candidate(s) will have skills in both areas, or at least eager interest in developing such skills. The shop has an academic atmosphere, such as the hiring of postdocs into a free-standing company, with a series of classes taught occasionally on general nmr topics.

The principals of the company are
Hilary Fabich, president;
Mark Conradi;
Steve Altobelli;
Eiichi Fukushima, owner.

Albuquerque, NM is a city of 600,000 in the desert southwest of the USA. There are
mountains nearby, with chances for rock climbing, biking, hiking and skiing, better skiing in Taos 3 hours away. The Navajo and Zuni nations are 2 hours west. The climate has 4 distinct seasons; all are great.

Please contact Hilary Fabich and Mark Conradi at the email addresses below

Kind regards,

Hilary Fabich, PhD