2021 ISMAR Prize and Abragam Prize recipients, Callaghan Lecturer

The ISMAR Prize Committee has selected the recipients of the 2021 ISMAR Prize and the 2021 Abragam Prize.  The ISMAR Prize recipient is Prof. Kamil Ugurbil of the University of Minnesota, a world-leading figure in MRI and functional MRI.  Abragam Prize recipients are Profs. Tuo Wang of Louisiana State University and Alexander Forse of the University of Cambridge.  Prof. Wang uses solid state NMR and DNP to study plant cell wall materials, among other things.  Prof. Forse uses NMR and other methods to study new materials for energy storage, carbon capture, and related purposes.

The ISMAR Executive Committee has also selected Prof. Matthew Rosen of Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital to be the 2021 Paul Callaghan Lecturer.  Prof. Rosen's work covers a variety of topics in magnetic resonance, including optimization of technology for clinical MRI in very low magnetic fields.

We congratulate Profs. Ugurbil, Wang, Forse, and Rosen, and we look forward to their lectures on the opening of day of the 2021 ISMAR conference, August 22.  This conference will be held jointly with the Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium, the NMR Society of Japan, and the Society of Electron Spin Science and Technology.  Please see https://www.ismar-apnmr2021.org/ for details.