Links for on-line discussion of new developments at wwPDB/BMRB

The International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMAR) will sponsor on-line meetings devoted to new developments at the Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB) and the Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank (BMRB) that affect the magnetic resonance community. Presentations will be given by Andy Byrd (wwPDB Advisory Committee representative for ISMAR and ICMRBS) and Jeff Hoch (head of BMRB), followed by a period for questions and discussion.

Two meetings have been scheduled, to accommodate time zone differences around the world.

We will use Zoom software, with the links shown below:

1. April 28 at 02:00 UTC (April 27 at 22:00 in New York; April 28 at 10:00 in Shanghai; April 28 at 04:00 in Paris)

Meeting ID: 934 3595 2991

Password: 987654321

2. April 28 at 15:00 UTC (April 28 at 11:00 in New York; April 28 at 23:00 in Shanghai; April 28 at 17:00 in Paris)

Meeting ID: 962 6071 4369

Password: 987654321

(Note: ICMRBS Council members are invited to join these meetings 30 minutes early.)