ISMAR 2017 Election Results: New Executive Committee and Council Members

On behalf of the Elections Committee (Miquel Pons, Arno Kentgens and myself) it is our pleasure to announce the results of the general ballot held over the past few weeks to elect new ISMAR Council Members and new Executive Committee members.


29 Council Members were elected on the basis of accruing the most votes, from a nomination list of 35.


The new Members will serve a term of 4 years.


We congratulate the new Council Members and Executive Committee members on their election, and wish them a rewarding experience serving our vibrant Society.


Yours sincerely,


Philip Kuchel

(Chair, Elections Committee)


Executive Committee

President: Robert Tycko (USA)

Vice-President: Stephan Grzesiek (Switzerland)

Secretary General: Alexej Jerschow (USA)

Treasurer: Rachel Martin (USA)

Past President: Daniella Goldfarb (Israel) (Note: the Past President does not stand for election)


Members of Council

Founding Chairman: Daniel Fiat (USA) (Permanent Member)

Elected in 2010

  1. Jean-Paul Amoureux (France)
  2. Lucia Banci (Italy)
  3. Melinda Duer (UK)
  4. Arno Kentgens (Netherlands)
  5. Yongae Kim (Korea)
  6. Anne Lesage (France)
  7. Christina Redfield (UK)
  8. F. Ann Walker (USA)
  9. Stephen Wimperis (UK)

Elected in 2013

  1. Michele Auger (Canada)
  2. Elena Bagryanskara (Russia)
  3. Ramakrishna Hosur (India)
  4. Wayne Hubbell (USA)
  5. Gunnar Jeschke (Switzerland)
  6. Beat Meier (Switzerland)
  7. Yunyu Shi (China)

Elected in 2017

  1. Jan Henrik Ardenkjaer-Larsen (Denmark)
  2. Jerry Chan (Taiwan)
  3. Gael de Paepe (France)
  4. Toshimichi Fujiwara (Japan)
  5. Jurgen Haase (Germany)
  6. Mei Hong (USA)
  7. Igor Koptyug (Russia)
  8. Claudio Luchinat (Italy)
  9. PK Madhu (India)
  10. Michael Sattler (Germany)
  11. Ichio Shimada (Japan)
  12. Stefan Stoll (USA)
  13. Christina Thiele (Germany)