Call for ISMAR Fellows nominations 2017

In accord with the ISMAR Constitution, the Fellows Committee (Lyndon Emsley, Angela Gronenborn, Wolfgang Lubitz, Warren Warren, Gil Navon, (Chair)) solicits nominations for new fellows. The privilege of making a nomination is accorded to all regular members and Fellows.

A list of current Fellows is on our web site at Fellows should be elected on the basis of their contributions to the field of magnetic resonance, either through the impact of their research, or through advancing greater understanding of magnetic resonance amongst the magnetic resonance research community. Fellows need not be current members. In the spirit of ISMAR, all branches of magnetic resonance are considered.

In selecting candidates for fellowship from the wide range of nominees, the Committee pays serious attention to lifetime contributions, and particularly among scientists who are still very research-active, to involvement in ISMAR activities (speaking or attendance at previous meetings, service on various committees). The Committee feels that is consistent with the original goals of creating a class of Fellows (going back to the arguments of Paul Callahan) “the goal is not to create an additional résumé line, but to recognize people in a way that would strengthen the society." We ask that the nomination statement specifically address both of these sets of contributions.

Nominations remain active for three years after original submission, but updates are welcome. A sample format for the nomination letter can be downloaded here. All nominations, including updates, must conform to the 2-page limit indicated on the application form.

Please submit by e-mail no later than October 1st, 2017 to the ISMAR Secretary General -